Become a speaker of UX Poland 2017

UX Poland 2017

Become a speaker of UX Poland 2017


This October there will be the 8th edition of UX Poland. The organisers launched the possibility of applying for speakers - looking for experts in artificial intelligence, bots and virtual reality.

This year's edition of Europe's largest event for interaction designers will talk all about interactions and new interfaces with their bounds. The three-day conference "New interfaces, new interactions" is scheduled for 11-13 October at Mińska 65, Warsaw.
On the first day there will be several Workshops with experts from the world’s best interactive design companies – Google, Cooper, UX Pin, Adobe. The next two days of the conference will be full of world-class experts talks. Among the four keynote speakers of this year's edition are Alan Cooper – one of the most influential architects of user experience trend, widely recognised as the “Father of Visual Basic"; and Marcin Treder - co-founder and CEO of UX Pin – a full-stack UX platform. The names of the next two keynotes will be announced this month. Besides the keynotes, the organisers have invited more than 18 speakers from USA, China, Israel, Denmark, Germany and Poland.

Alan Cooper | Keynote speaker | UX Poland 2017 | Introduction

Last week of call for papers

Every year on the UX Poland stage several places in the line-up are open. By the end of July, there is a "call for papers". Organisers announce that they primarily rely on experts in artificial intelligence, bots and virtual reality.

We have a very well-developed agenda for voice interfaces, but bots, VRs and ARs also exponentially evolve, changing our behaviour and habits. Therefore, we encourage all those who work on services and products related to these technologies to share their experiences. We want to focus first and foremost on showing the best user experience cases, amazing new technology applications, groundbreaking innovations.

- Hubert Anyzewski, co-founder of UX Poland

Keynote speech at UX Poland 2016

Keynote speech at UX Poland 2016

To submit the concept for a presentation applicants only need to fill out the form on the conference website. Submissions are accepted till the end of July. The organisers plan to announce the results of this recruitment in mid-August.

We have an outstanding experience with the call for papers, every year there are much more high-classes experts than we can invite. The best example of that it is worth applying to us, is Avi Itzkovitch. Last year he qualified for the CFP and pitched so well that this year we decided to invite him again as one of the speakers

Wiesław Kotecki, co-founder of UX Poland

UX Poland is one of the most influential and largest UX conferences in Europe. It is estimated that this year's edition of the event, will be record-breaking regarding turnout. The organisers expect more than 600 participants. By the end of July, tickets are available at the lower price of Early Bird.

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