Matthew Luhn starring in UX Poland and Filmteractive – as orchestrated by Deloitte Digital
Matthew Luhn starring in UX Poland and Filmteractive – as orchestrated by Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital as a Strategic Partner of both events

Matthew Luhn starring in UX Poland and Filmteractive – as orchestrated by Deloitte Digital


Deloitte Digital became a strategic partner of UX Poland and Filmteractive conferences. The events will star Matthew Luhn from Pixar, a special guest of Deloitte Digital.  

Matthew Luhn is a world-class storytelling expert, a speaker with 25 years of experience. He authored screenplays of Pixar Animation Studio box-office hits, such as the “Toy Story” trilogy, “Finding Nemo”, “Monsters, Inc.”, “Cars” or “Monsters University”. For many years he has helped top brands create and tell their stories. In his presentation “The power of story” Luhn will explain how to use storytelling in business to streamline brand communication and make a market impact. How to combine two seemingly different worlds - the world of stories and business - to touch clients’ heartstrings and involve them in the dialogue with the company.
UX Poland Conference – one of major interaction designer events will last from 11 to 13 October and it will focus on innovative interfaces (voice interfaces, artificial intelligence, augmented reality) and their impact on changing user behaviours.

Matthew Luhn is not the only star of this year’s edition of UX Poland. The conference will be opened by Alan Cooper, user experience pioneer, widely recognized as the “Father of Visual Basic”. The closing presentation will be made by Marcin Treder, the designer of the world-class tool used by UX Pin designers.

Hubert Anyżewski, Head of Experience Design CE at Deloitte Digital

The 8th edition of UX Poland will be attended by nearly 20 UX experts from the U.S., China, Israel, Denmark, Germany and Poland. The conference has been organized by Hubert Anyżewski and Wiesław Kotecki from Deloitte Digital.
For the first time, apart from the Łódź meeting held of 17 October, Filmteractive festival will also be held in Warsaw (on 12 October). The motto of Filmteractive 2017 is “Brands of the future”. The event in Łódź will focus on strong brands, which inspire interesting art projects and support culture, and it will allude to the creative nature of the city.

The way culture shapes brand content and how brands support culture and creative ideas cannot be underestimated. This relatively new market sector is becoming an increasingly important driver of the global economy. Hence, Filmteractive 2017 focuses on these issues.

Olgierd Cygan, Deloitte Digital CE Leader

Deloitte Digital became a strategic partner of both events, which will reach their climax on 12 October in the halls of the former printing house at 65, Mińska Street in Warsaw.  The upcoming events will give a double dose of emotion, inspiration and digital know-how to participating experts and all persons willing to expand their knowledge. As the venue and the timing coincide, both conferences will be combined at the end of the day during the presentation of Matthew Luhn.

You can buy tickets for selected events and participate in lectures or workshops.

For more information about the festivals please to go:
UX Poland

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