The hero of Up Up Hippo is a friendly, yet slightly clumsy hippopotamus, which needs help of several plastic bottles to move. By crushing a bottle, player helps the hippo to fly, swim, jump and eventually to complete the mission – dispose of the plastic bottle in the correct container. Up Up Hippo is a real educational challenge: children learn that a crushed bottle takes up less space in a garbage bin and while they are having fun, they are also helping the environment. Interface and graphic design are inspired by air and objects filled with it. The hippo is a balloon and the world of the game is full of inflatable objects. Game design implies that air from a crushed bottle drives all the fun.

Can the world be saved by one plastic bottle?

Not really, but one bottle can give rise to everyday fight against garbage overflow around us. Uncrushed plastic bottles increase garbage volume by 80%, which results in more frequent garbage removal – garbage trucks transport air instead of waste. Despite numerous social campaigns, it is very difficult to change habits of adults. That is why PepsiCo Poland, with its affiliate Deloitte Digital responsible for the game, hopes that Hippo challenge will be taken up by children and parents alike.

Ecological theme is more and more frequently directed to the youngest. Children learn best through play and thanks to Up Up Hippo application crushing bottles might become a pleasure, not a chore. It is a straightforward way to shape correct habits of recycling plastic waste. Up Up Hippo project is embedded in PepsiCo philosophy, which obliges the corporation to care about natural resources by supporting science and innovation and to look for new ways to reduce water, soil, energy and packaging consumption.

Up Up Hippo is available for iOS and Android

Deloitte Digital przygotowała aktywację dla marki Mirinda z udziałem influencerów

Agencja Deloitte Digital CE i PepsiCo rozpoczęły kampanię internetową dla marki Mirinda. Aktywacja polegać będzie na wybraniu przez konsumentów jednego z dwóch nowych smaków Mirindy, który od sierpnia br. wejdzie do stałej sprzedaży. Wezmą w niej udział wpływowi YouTuberzy.